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What To do In The Garden During June.

Wow! this weather has been very kind to us throughout May, lets hope it continues through the remainder of Spring and Summer.  Here we bring you gardening tips for June.  21st June is the longest day,  additional light and heat encourages our gardens to flourish but there’s not often good news without a bit of bad…weeds! natures annoyances that sprout up almost as you are watching the space they are about to occupy.  Hoeing regularly and adding a layer of mulch or weed suppressant fabric will help.  For paths and paving. a good weed control solution such as Round-up will also help.

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to spare!

Although this weather has been very kind to us it has been particularly dry.  Watering in very much necessary, but please be water wise and save water where possible.  Collecting rainwater using a water butt is probably the easiest way but I always remember my grannie keeping water she used to boil veg in (to within an inch of their lives by the way!) and throwing it into flower beds once it was cool.  Irrigation solutions from watering cans to micro-drip systems and hose reels can be  found at Inverurie Garden Centre.

Look after your fruit & veg…

Pinch out side shoots on Tomato plants, this will concentrate energy into fruit production.  Once the first trusses (the stems that produce the fruit) begin to form fruit, feed weekly with a good quality feed such as Tomorite.



Harvest salad  such as leaves, radish and lettuce and continue to sow new seeds every week to fortnight for a good continuous supply.  Your early potatoes should also now been ready to enjoy.  Our potato supply sold out quickly this year so we know there are plenty of customers out there who will be enjoying growing their own.

Hanging Baskets bring lots of colour.


Now that the risk of late frosts have passed, hanging baskets, planted pots and containers can be placed in their outdoor spaces.  summer bedding can be planted in borders too.  Remember that a good quality moisture control compost could make or break your hard work which is why we encourage our customers to use our compost rather than cheap supermarket and bargain store bags.

In this warm, dry weather it is also important to continue to water very regularly to prevent drying out.

If you haven’t yet managed to  get your hanging baskets planted then pop along to the Garden Centre and have a look at what we have ready planted.

Long term Hardy Pots.


If you are looking at planting up pots and containers for longer term there’s plenty of hardy shrubs that will perform very well in a pot or container these can be great statement pieces.  Clip Topiary Buxus into many shapes such as balls, pyramids or almost any shape you fancy!  Japanese Acers have amazing coloured, oriental style leaves.  If colour and floral are your thing then hydrangeas are bold statements but my favourite would have to be English Lavender for its calming scent, movement in the breeze and wonderful purple colours against green foliage, you cant help but touch it.

Give a helping hand…

Sweet Peas will be coming on at a pace now.  Use garden twine or clips to tie them back to netting, wire trellis or obelisks, once established they will happily climb by themselves.  I love sweet peas and the great thing is that the more you cut, the more they come.  Putting bunches of sweet peas in posy vases around the house brightens the room and add a natural sweet scent.

Dead head roses and feed with a rose fertiliser such as Top Rose, Miracle Gro or if you prefer organic, Vitax.  Adding a mulch layer will also help strong growth. roses come into their own during June and its the perfect time to add to your collection.  Here at the Garden Centre we have a large variety of roses from patio to climbers, the scents and colours are just lovely.

Its a love hate relationship!

Mowing the lawn is a task that nobody particularly likes but the end results are very satisfying!  Mow at least once a week, reducing the cutting height now that the grass is growing steady and strong.  Applying a high nitrogen summer feeds such as Evergreen Complete  will give you a lush green lawn all season.

Avoid the heat…

Shading Greenhouses using shading paint or net will help to prevent scorching or over heating.

Once all of the jobs are done its time to relax and enjoy your hard work, you deserve it!  Time to get the garden furniture and the barbeque out…. we can help you with that too!

Of course, if you need any help or advice then our team of Gardening Staff are always happy to give advice and help.

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