How to scent your home

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You want your home to be a calm and relaxing space and scent plays a huge part in that.

Here is a handy little guide to help you scent your home…

Mist Diffusers are a great way to fill a room with the fragrance of your choice quickly! Enhance wellness and create your perfect mood with a collection of captivating fragrances delivered using the perfume mist diffuser.

Simply Plug in, fill with water, add your oil of choice…et voila! A home that smells gorgeous at the touch of a button.

We love this black Mist Diffuser from Stoneglow – Sleek & Stylish. And with over 10 oils to choose from – you are bound to find one you love!

Reed Diffusers usually last around 3 months – rotate your reeds regularly to get the most out of your diffuser. Top up reeds & oils can be purchased separately so you can always reuse the original bottle.

We love the Naturals Collection from Scottish brand, Shearer Candles, especially the Bergamot & Rose scent – an uncomplicated scent that will lift any space.

Candles are perfecting for adding that instant cosy feeling to your home.

Excellent for eradicating kitchen odour and even lifting your mood.

We love this Lavender & Geranium candle from Chalk. Perfect for creating a relaxing space to unwind.

A quick spritz of your favourite room spray will lift any space. Spray soft furnishings for a longer lasting scent.

We love this room spray from Toasted Crumpet. As well as a stylish bottle the scent also packs a punch “A woody sensuous fragrance opening with spicy top notes of black pepper and cardamom, resting on a rich woody blend of Oudh, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, leather and cedar wood, on a base of amber, Tonka and vanilla” Devine!

Perfume Cards are handy little cards, perfect for small spaces. These can be placed in your wardrobe, car or even your handbag.

We love these perfume cards from Stoneglow with a range of scents to choose from they also make a wonderful gift.

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May 12, 2023